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6 fantastic shapewear solutions for the trouble areas


Do you recognize this lyrics “I am beautiful no matter what they say”? Christina Aguilera was right, no woman should feel bad about her appearance. We should all respect ourselves. It’s almost no possible every woman to have body curves like some of the celebrities. Even they are not like they look on the pictures on the internet. many of them are using some tricks. Sometimes it’s photoshop and sometimes they are wearing different accessories to hide the imperfections.

If they can do it so can you. Here we have a list of solutions how you can wear your favorite dress or jeans and to hide the spare tires or back bacon.


1.Back bacon

If you have some extras on your back and its sticks out of the sides of your bra you can find a bra without any visible bra lines. This will smooth the lines and will set naturally on your body.



The fat under your belly button in annoying you when it pops out of your jeans. There is no reason to be upset. You can try smoothing Hi-waist shape brief. It will make your belly flat and you will be able to breathe.


3.Chub Rub

Oh, the feeling of  rubbing and chaffing  can be so irritating  during long walks.  You can solve this problem with a bottom half like Featherlight control short.


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