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6 Great Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief


Everyone, at one point in their life, has felt an unpleasant pain in their lower back, sometimes as a sharp poke, other times a dull pressure, but once it goes away it’s quickly forgotten.

Unfortunately, some are not so lucky and may struggle with it every day. Dealing with this stubborn pain and trying to find a way to get rid of it can be annoying and exhausting.

The causes are numerous: bad posture while sitting for hours at school or work, physical inactivity, piggyback rides with your children, or simply sleeping on a bad mattress. Whatever it is, you can’t ignore the pain and let it constantly send you unpleasant reminders of its existence.

The good news is that you can relieve that pain once and for all with the easy and efficient exercises below! You just need to do them once a day, morning or evening – it’s your choice!

Are you ready to get rid of the pain for good?


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