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For Her 60th Birthday Daughter Wants Her To Get A Makeover, In The End She Looks Stunning


Ambush Makeover Strikes Again

Some people are so busy taking care of everything, that they forget to take care of themselves. This mostly happens to our amazing moms who work really hard to keep everything in place for us. Sometimes, what they really need is a bit of mom-time and TLC.

Ambush Makeovers is a very famous segment on the Today Show. It is exactly what it sounds, they choose ‘random’ people from outside the studio to get a free-head-to-toe-makeover. Family members or friends are usually the ones who encourage the stylists to pick them.

makeover 1

The two woman that you are going to see in the video were chosen to get the makeover get the whole works – hair, makeup and clothes. What we really love about these makeovers is that most of the time the participants are so beautiful on the inside so when we see them all dolled up, they just shine.

Laniece Melton is the first to get the makeover treatment. Her best friend Cheryl who nominated her says:

“Well, she has been my best friend now for 52 years. We go way back together, we’ve had much fun, just so much good times together, and I just wanted her to radiate with beauty that she deserves.”

Laniece describes her style as “missing” but the results show that nothing is missing, as she totally looks the part.

makeover 2

Makeover number two happens for Bonnie from Le Roy, New York. She has worked in education for 47 years and is celebrating her 60th birthday the day after the revamp. Her daughter was the one who encouraged her to come because she has never seen her with any makeup on. Not even lipstick.

“We just wanted her to get a fresh start. She’s so little and cute, and we want to get her polished up,” her daughter adds.

Polished doesn’t even begin to describe how Bonnie looks afterward!

makeover 3

To see these beautiful characters, watch the video below and see the results for yourself.


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