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62-Year-Old Grandma Dresses Tween Granddaughter For A Week


I guess times are seriously changing when we see young teens dressing up looking older than they actually are. Keeping up with the latest trends, made young generations believe that wearing crop tops, short-shorts and even high waisted jeans makes them look cool. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself through fashion, but it’s not exactly what we used to wear at that age.

Katie Smith, a mother is more than proud of her daughter who chooses her own style, but at the same time, there are things she wishes she didn’t wear. So she decided to do a small experiment one week.

She thought it would be a fun experiment to have her 62-year-old mom dress her 12-year-old daughter for an entire week, and the young one was up for it. It is challenging because grandmas and granddaughters tend to have different tastes in almost everything. So trying something like this was also fun to do.

Her mother shops at Sears and tends to be conservative, whereas her daughter, Anna, is more on the edgy side, Katie noted to Babble.

Basically, we have two completely different tastes. So here’s what happened.



The first day included a beautiful colorful shirt with longer denim shorts that her granddaughter absolutely loved, but she loved the two pieces separately and didn’t like the fact that her grandma combined them into an outfit. She thought that wearing shorter shorts would have been better than what grandma picked for her.


Source:babble.com Katie Smith

“I would just never wear these together. I would wear the top with shorter shorts because the top is big and flowy.” Katie wrote on Babble telling people how her daughter felt for the first outfit.



On the second day grandma picked a beautiful simple back dress with short sleeves making Anna look casual and beautiful. She absolutely loved the outfit adding that she wouldn’t change a thing about it.


Source:babble.com Katie Smith

Obviously grandma did a great job with that one. Anna wears it all the time with sneakers or sandals wrote Katie.

The outfit was a total fail on the third day as grandma combined jean-leggings with a sporty tank top and added a baseball hat. Anna didn’t feel uncomfortable and absolutely hated the outfit.


Source:Babble.com Katie Smith

You are never to pair sporty tops with jean-leggings, according to the Teen rulebook. They two just don’t go together. Not so good on this one grandma…

The outfit on day 4 was Anna’s mom’s favorite. She chose white jeans, a simple pink shirt, and a white kimono with flowers as details. But Anna wasn’t a fan. Katie noted that apparently kimono tops are to be worn with crop tops and shorts, or over a bathing suit. I think Anna looks beautiful in white and the combination looks good. Way to go granny.


Source:babble.com Katie Smith

Day 5 was a success. Granny chose a simple beautiful white dress. Katie remembers a time when Anna would wear pretty dresses all the time. But she’s over that phase, she only wears them on special occasions now.


Source:babble.com Katie Smith

On day 6 , the outfit was actually one of Anna’s favorites. She wore a grey simple jumpsuit making her look very cute. According to Katie, she was more than happy to wear it for the day. Sixth day was a total success.


Source:babble.com Katie Smith

Anna told her mom, “Grams got the accessories all wrong. I would wear different ones. Like a choker would look way better ” making the accessories the only issue for the outfit. I like the sixth outfit too. It makes her look her age. Granny is getting better at this I guess.



And on the last day, day 7, Katie let Anna style herself after her being so positive about the experiment. She went back to her crop top and short shorts outfit.


Anna’s mother learned that none of them have bad styles, not even her 62-year-old mother. It’s just that everyone has their own taste, and what makes you feel comfortable is what matters.


Anna is very specific with her outfits and she has the freedom to be who she is, at the end fashion is a form of expression added Katie.


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