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7 Easy Steps to Shape Your Brows



Eye brow shaping doesn’t have to be painful, there are little changes you can make to to take the edge off and have more control over the final result. Check out our 7 tips on brow shaping.
1. Pluck after the shower
After a warm shower your pores open up so plucking will be less painful as the hairs will be easier to pull out.
2. Invest in good tweezers
The hallmark of good tweezers is that they hold onto the hair and pluck it out with one pull. This will make the process quicker, which will reduce redness and over stressing the brow area.
3. Avoid the over pluck
Place a pencil vertically from the outer part of your nostrils up to your eyebrows, to find the point where your eye brows should begin from.  Avoid the itch to overpluck as growing back brows in the right place is not always possible.
4. Find your arch
The arch of your brow is this the part where they are highest, in the center of your brows.
5. Don’t pluck above the brow
You should only pluck hairs from underneath your brows and never from the top part of it. If you think your brows are too wayward or long on top, just cut them.
6. Pluck slowly
Follow one simple rule: after every three hairs you pluck step back and take a look at your brows. Do this so’s that you can see exactly what you’re doing and not just concentrating on a clump of hairs, even a couple of hairs can change the shape of your brows, so make sure you follow the rule!
7. Symmetry is futile
Your brows should look like sisters not twins, it’s impossible to make them look identical and if they do they will look unnatural so don’t set this as your goal.


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