7 Easy Steps To Steel Blue Eyes

Blue Eye makeup tutorial

London-based, Indian Beauty Blogger Kaushal, does the vamp steel blue eye in just 7 easy steps!

1. Moisturize and Prime

Apply glow-on balm for deep moisturizing and proceed with primer to set the face for the foundation. Make sure to fill in the pores and pay special attention to dry areas.

Blue Eye 1

Prime and set the eyelid with powder. This color is fierce and dramatic, so you want to avoid any additional drama by having this particular tint melt down or smudge around your eyes.

Blue Eye 2

 2. Set the Base

Start with highlighting the area right beneath the brow.

Blue Eye 3

Turn to naked tones to color the crease and deepen it up with a darker nude shade.

Blue Eye 4

Darken the outer third of your eyelid to provide definition and depth. You want to think dimension over flatness!

Blue Eye 5

Cover the crease with eye shadow as well in order to help the steel blue powder eye shadow stick.

Blue Eye 6

Apply glitter primer everywhere over the top.

Blue Eye 7

3. Steel Blue Royale

The eye shadow’s texture is powder, it will be a slight pain to work with because it won’t blend very well, but we have an advantage since we already set the eye with primer and powder.

Blue Eye 8

Clean the edges of the remaining eye shadow.

Blue Eye 9

4.Wing It

Define the eye with eyeliner. Create a fierce wing.

Blue Eye 10

5. Foundation

Ultimately, Kaushal applies the foundation at the end of the procedure. She uses a 24-hour coverage foundation, a concealer and a cream contour.

Blue Eye 11

The bronzer is then used to define the cheek and bring warmth to the face.

Blue Eye 12

To highlight and color the cheeks she went for a baby pink tinted blusher which will definitely complement the royal shade of blue on the eye.

Blue Eye 13

6. Final touches

Color the inner corner of the eyes with an artic white liquid highlighter then add glow.

Blue Eye 14

Line out the upper and lower rim of the eye.

Blue Eye 15

The lower lash line should be taken care of as well.

Blue Eye 16

Finish the look by defining the eyelashes with mascara!

Blue Eye 17

7. Lips

Make sure to always put some color on your lips and go for a shade that will match your complexion.

Blue Eye 18

Watch the video below for the full makeup tutorial:

Source:Kaushal Beauty

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