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7 Of Your Most Favorite Movie Jocks Then Vs. Now


Remember the good old times when you only wanted to relax with a movie with your favorite jock of all times? There was something about those guys. Jocks are handsome, popular, and so into sports! These movies are popular nowadays, too. Featuring adventurous or troublesome sports enthusiasts, they make the action and humor of the movie. Therefore, let’s remind ourselves of some of our favorite movie jocks of all times. They were pretty incredible in their roles, and we will probably never forget them. But what are these awesome guys up to now?

1. Jesse Metcalfe was quite the handsome basketball star in John Tucker Must Die, although he had a lot of girls pretty angry with him.

Can you believe he was only 28 years old?

Source: Favim

He is 38 now, but still makes appearances in tv shows and movies. His recent project was Chesapeake Shores, where he played Trace Riley.

Source: Zimbio

2. Do you remember soccer star Channing Tatum in She’s the Man?


The now 37-years-old star is all grown up now and doing pretty well. We will be able to see him soon in his next movie Lucky Logan.

Source: The Fashion Spot

3. Troy Bolton was both the basketball star and the theater star in High School Musical.

Zac Efron was so handsome and talented, portraying these characters perfectly!

Source: The Hunt

Eleven years later, Zac has been visiting the gym a lot, obviously.

Source: Daily Mail

4. Another basketball star from High School Musical was Corbin Bleu, who played Chad.

Source: Daily Mail

The 28-year-old actor is now married.

Source: Broadway

5. Chad Michael Murray was many girls’ crush back then. Here he is, looking cute in A Cinderella Story.

Source: Fan Forum

Although he has grown up and looks more mature these days, he’s obviously still a jock at heart.

Source: Instagram | @chadmurray15

6. Emilio Estevez played “the athlete” in The Breakfast Club.

Source: The Breakfast Club Wiki

32 years later, the 54-year-old actor is now into directing tv shows. He directed CSI: NY and Criminal Minds.

Source: NBC New York

7. Did you fall in love with Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls?

Source: All Male

He was played by Jonathan Bennett. At the time, Mean Girls was his second movie ever, but he later appeared in dozens of movies and shows.

Source: Obsev

Would you have given him a pencil?

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