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These 7 Miss Universe Contestants With No Makeup Are Truly Inspirational

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If you know us, you probably know that we really like to show you makeup tips and looks to make sure you look as snazzy as possible.

But that doesn’t mean that we encourage that wearing no makeup is taboo. No way.

If you actually have the sass to go outside without any makeup, you’re winning.

It doesn’t show that you’re ugly, it just shows that you’re brave enough to show to the world what you look like naturally without the use of makeup, and that’s in no way a bad thing. In fact, you go girl!

To prove our point, we’re showing you what these Miss Universe contestants look like with absolutely no makeup.

If you’re curious to see what they look like with makeup on, tune into the Miss Universe Competition on FOX come Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. ET.

First up, with no makeup, is Connie Jimenez from Ecuador

“Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but sometimes it’s difficult to find confidence in yourself. The key to confidence is feeling good about what you do, and being proud of who you are. I am proud of who I am, and excited about what my future holds. We all have imperfections and I accept mine.” — Connie Jimenez, Ecuador

She looks gorgeous even without makeup, which impresses me.

Miss Universe Without Makeup 1

Next up is Johanna Acs, hailing from Germany.

“For me, being confident means being in complete peace with oneself. I’ve learned to love myself and I am proud to be who I am. Treat yourself as you would treat others, at the end of the day you are your biggest supporter.” — Johanna Acs, Germany

Miss Universe Without Makeup 2

Next, Raquel Pelissier from Haiti

“I am confident because I embrace my perfect imperfections. I value my uniqueness. I want to inspire and empower women from all over the world to be educated and use knowledge as power.” —Raquel Pelissier, Haiti

Miss Universe Without Makeup 3

Next up is Hildur Maria from Iceland

“The pride my country has in me is where the core of my confidence comes from. Everyone comes from different cultural backgrounds and experiences, so it is important to accept who you are, where you come from, and how you look.” — Hildur Maria, Iceland

Miss Universe Without Makeup 4

Next up, we have Roshmitha Harimurthy from India

“Knowing and believing in myself makes me feel confident. Only I own my body and that is empowering.” —Roshmitha Harimurthy, India

Miss Universe Without Makeup 5

Following close behind is Yam Kaspers Anshel from Israel

“I tell myself I’m beautiful, that helps me stay confident. When you can be comfortable in your own skin, you are happier and can lead a better life.” — Yam Kaspers Anshel, Israel


And finally, we have Ntandoyenkosi Kunene from South Africa.

“I know that I am not perfect, but trusting my abilities, being proud of my cultural background, and having hopes and dreams for my future makes me my most confident self.” — Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, South Africa


Some truly inspirational words from these contestants.

Next time you’re feeling down about what you look like without makeup, remember how much these women don’t care about getting judged for being “ugly” without makeup. Just remember, everyone is pretty in their own little way.


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