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7 Rare Beauty Hacks


When it comes to making yourself look beautiful, we try all the things that we find. Especially effective DIY-s. Luckily we have tonnes of tutorials on Youtube and other social networks.

One thing I am certain about, they work 90% of the time. It is so easy and you have the Youtubers tell you step by step everything you need to know.

Scroll down to read 7 beauty hacks you should try today:

1. Draw and Curl

If you are lazy and don’t really know how to do eye makeup, this is eyeliner made easy. You just have to draw a line on your eyelash curler, and there is no smudging. Perfect!


2. Running low

Shaving cream always runs out fast, but hair conditioner works just the same. Did you know that?


3. Olive Oil Remover

If you happen to have olive oil in your house, then you can simply use it to remove your makeup. It is very gentle on your skin and less expensive.


4. Eye Shadow In Roots


This is genius. If your dark roots are coming through, use a little eyeshadow that matches your color and there you go.

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