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Here Are 7 Things Britney Spears Does To Keep Herself In Shape

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In one of Britney Spears’ most famous songs, she said something very true. “You want a hot body? … You better work, b*tch.” And that’s exactly what she does.

She’s now 35, but she still manages to keep herself in shape, and look as good as possible. An amazing achievement considering how successful and busy her singing career is, cementing herself as one of the most famous pop singers in the world. She rocked the world with her superhit Baby One More Time, and has released many albums and singles since then, which definitely makes her one of the most popular and recognized pop singers.

If you want to stay in shape and have a body like Spears, even at the age you are right now, here are the things you need to do.

1. She stays limber.

Stretching in the morning keeps me motivated 💜💜💜💜

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You probably didn’t know, but Spears actually manages to squeeze 90-minute yoga workouts twice a week. She’s also constantly on the move, which techincally means that she’s taking in the calories then burning them immediately.

2. Do you even lift, bro?

Such a great shoot with @david_roemer

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Whenever she’s in LA, she hits up Drenched Fitness, and she logs an hour of exercise. “You’ve got a trainer holding your feet to the fire,” gym founder Julie Kennington told the magazine.

3. Some moves to keep herself toned.

Wow Larry! Very impressed.

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In addition to all the weightlifting and cardio, she also is a fan of doing squats and sit-ups, to keep her abs and legs toned.

4. She uses the four-B method to keep the extra weight off permanently.

Nothing like hiking to refocus your energy. Can’t wait to get back to Vegas this week!

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Those four B’s being: Basketball jump shots, backwards walking, bicycling and balacning on one leg while also doing medicine ball slams.

Trainer Tony Martinez says: “The first three are functional training, which improve joint mobility and movement. They’re simple, yet effective, and follow my philosophy of working out smarter and getting better results from training less.”

5. She doesn’t deprive herself.

Goooood morning! 😋

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A lot of nutritionists tend to say that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of all your comfort food. Having it occasionally is no bad thing, and Spears seems to know that quite well.

Sometimes, she’ll have the occasional sushi, or French toast, or sometimes some other cheat-day food.

Nutritionists’ common refrain that denying yourself the occasional treat can only make you binge later seems to be a mantra Spears follows too. She loves having sushi or French toast from time to time, and has her share of cheat-day foods, just like the rest of us.

“Tacos, pizza and ice cream. I love sweets. I love Oreo Blasts — they’re the best!” – she told E!

6. Britney Spears’ abs never get left behind.

Another great day!

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While she certainly loves sit-ups (she’s known to do between 500 and 1,000 in a single day), it doesn’t stop there.

While working with the trainer Martinez, she also used core discs, which are basically pads that glide on any surface and require to use your stabilizing muscles in the abs more than you would normally.

“We use those for mountain climbers, we’ll do a barrel role tuck-in, where you turn around all the way over and then you bring your knees in,” Martinez explained.

7. A post Cheesecake Factory workout.

After Cheesecake Factory you do this… Treadmill and weights 💪

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One meal at Cheesecake Factory, without appetizers drinks or a slice of cheesecake, can fetch around 2,370 calories.

Whenever Spears “pays them a visit”, she hits the treadmill and gets some shoulder presses to work off the cals.

So, there you are. If you’ve always wondered how Britney Spears remains in such good shape even at 35, now you know.


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