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7 Things All Pear-Shaped Women Understand


Women come in many different beautiful shapes. Fashion experts identified five common female body shapes and probably you already know them: apple, pear, ruler, hourglass and inverted triangle. The pear-shaped body type is typically slighter at the shoulders and wider from that point down. Sometimes because of this characteristic the life of the modern pear-shaped ladies is not so easy.


You’re two different sizes on the top and the bottom. Sometimes even two sizes smaller in tops than you are in bottoms.


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There is almost no chance you will find perfect fit jeans. If they fit your thighs and butt they won’t even touch your waist.


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Leggings are the most common solution to your jeans problem. But the problem is they have to stretch so much over your butt, that they almost always show your underwear. This is something you have to avoid at all costs ladies!


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If you lose weight, your boobs will be the biggest loss. This is really devastating because we spend weeks dieting and hitting the gym. In the end the only place we see any changes are on our lady lumps.


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