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7 Unexpected Movie Mistakes Only Real Film Nerds Would Catch


Movie nerds, the eternal enemy of the continuity person on set. They are the little pricks in their side picking up on every small and big mistake when it’s too late to go back to the cutting room. They pride themselves on detecting misplaced objects, costume slip ups and general gaffes, displaying their findings to the world through their favourite medium – the internet.

Then it’s game over, you can no longer suspend belief as it all starts to become undone because the continuity guy was checking their Facebook instead of the final cut.


1.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

April breaks into a research facility during a flashback to 1999, where her camera has a visible bluetooth symbol. Bluetooth wasn’t available on cameras until 2002.



2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Airbags are clearly visible when Nick Fury crashes his car. In the next shot they have disappeared.



3. Pixels
To clear things up, pixels are 2D and voxels are 3D.



4. Django Unchained

A bust of Nefertiti is sitting on the dresser in the Cleopatra Club in 1858. This bust was not discovered until 1912.



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