This 7-Year-Old Dressed Like An Exhausted Mom For Halloween And Won The Internet


Scary Halloween masks  appear  every year, and yes, vampires and witches can be scary.

However, you’ll agree that nothing in this world is scarier than a tired mom who just wants to close her eyes for 2 minutes. And can’t.

This is 7-year-old Lainie Griffin from Muncie Indiana, and she’s an absolute inspiration, you guys! Most kids like to dress up like their cartoon, or comic book heros, half the girls were probably Elsa from ‘Frozen’, but look at her! A comedienne from a young age.

She stepped outside to go trick or treating with a baby in one arm, while another is clinging to her leg (her mom may have drawn inspiration from personal experiences), there’s even puke on her shoulder.

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and goblins are scary, but they aren’t half as scary as a worn-out mom, which is why this kid dressed up as one for her hilarious Halloween costume this year! The sweatshirt, the messy bun, the dark circles from sleep deprivation… It’s just every human mom, and we can all relate.

A relative posted her photo on Facebook and it rendered more than 76K likes and over 1K shares.

Don’t feel bad with your store-bought witch costume now. You always have next year.




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