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8 Awesome Century-Old Life Hacks That Can Save The Day


There was no internet or Youtube back in 1875 but this doesn’t mean that people didn’t know many popular life-saving hacks. A that time, cigarette manufacturers inserted trade cards into their paper packs of cigarettes to stiffen packaging. Soon they started printing on these cards with actresses, boxers, and baseball players. In the 1910s the Ogden’s Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co and Gallaher Ltd of Belfast & London printed a “How-To” cards series. From cooling a bottle of wine, stopping a mad dog, to lighting a match in the wind, these cigarette cards told you clever ways to handle many of life’s problems. Here are some of them:


1. How to chill wine without ice:


In case you have run out of ice, and you have to cool wine, don’t panic.  Wrap the bottle in a towel and place it in a crock beneath the cold water tap. In about ten minutes the wine will be ready.


2. How to pull out long nails:


Pulling out long nails from wooden surfaces is very difficult. Once you’ve pulled it out just a bit, place a small block of wood under the pincers, and you can pull it out quickly.

3. Carrying heavy items:


Always carry a heavy and filled object upright. This way you will prevent the weight pulling down the object. You will also avoid spillage if you’re carrying a jug filled with water.

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