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8 Amazing Disney-Inspired Cakes To Make You Feel Like A Princess

Disney wedding cake

99% of us grew up watching Disney movies. Every girl was obsessed with the Disney Princesses as a kid, and everyone you know has seen at least one Disney movie in their lifetime. I know that I certainly have.

For those of you who still have that “I want to be a princess when I grow up” in them, no matter how little it is, and if you want to feel like a princess at your wedding, these 8 Disney-inspired wedding cakes are definitely worth a look.

1. This Beauty and The Beast inspired one is a good place to start

Such a beautiful sentiment and the rose is an especially nice touch.

Disney Princess Cakes 1

Source: Pinterest

2. Don’t think it’ll be hard to guess which princess inspired this one…

Disney Princess Cakes 2

Source: Facebook |Little Cherry Cake Company

3. Next up is a Lady and the Tramp-inspired design

Shame Lady and the Tramp was such an underrated Disney movie. They didn’t forget to replicate the scene the movie is known for, though…

Disney Princess Cakes 3

Source: Cake Wrecks

4. This is amazing

It looks exactly like the cake from Sleeping Beauty.

Disney Princess Cakes 4

Source: Tumblr | mischiefmakercakes

5. There was just something about the whole psychedelic nature of Alice in Wonderland…

Disney Princess Cakes 5

Source: Flickr | Charlotte

6. Tangled is also an underrated one that definitely deserves a lot more attention

Disney Princess Cakes 6

Source: Instagram | @saki_minnie

7. Perfect WALL-E cake

It’s hiding a cosmic secret behind.

Disney Princess Cakes 7

Source: Instagram | @journey_into_imagination

8. And finally, we have this Robin Hood inspired one, for the rebels out there!


Disney Princess Cakes 8

Source: Wedding Chicks

Which one of these was your favorite? Plan to “borrow” one of these cake designs for your birthday/wedding? Let us know in the comments!

Main Image via Flickr | Charlotte

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