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8 Famous Cartoons That Were Adapted For Other Countries


Some of our most loved animated movies are often released internationally and are adapted to particular audiences. But we usually miss those small yet very intriguing details that have been changed for the international audience. From what the characters eat to text with in the film, here are some interesting changes that were made, so the movies will resonate beyond a North American crowd, compiled by Providr. 

1. Zootopia

In the American 3D computer-animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney, the moose was exchanged for a panda for Chinese audiences.



2. Up

In the Disney movie where seventy-eight-year-old Carl Fredricksen travels to Paradise Falls, the words  “Paradise Falls” on the jug were replaced with a picture of another location for international audiences.


Disney | Pixar

3. Toy Story 2

There is a scene in the movie Toy Story 2 where Buzz Lightyear stands in front of the American flag and the US national anthem is playing. That scene was changed dependent on which country the movie was being played.


Disney | Pixar

4. Inside Out

In the movie, Inside Out the food that the baby was eating in America was broccoli which American kids don’t like. That was changed for the audience in Japan and the baby was eating green peppers.


5. Inside Out

Instead of hockey which is popular in America, the creators of the movie used soccer for the rest of the world.


Disney | Pixar

6. Monsters University

Instead of translating the text in Monsters University the creators changed it to Greek.


Disney | Pixar

7. Monsters University

Also, instead of translating the phrase be my pal, they’ve just decided to put some minion faces on the cupcakes.


Disney | Pixar

8. Monster University 

However, making these changes won’t always work. Just like in this scene in Monster University.


Disney | Pixar
Source: Providr

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