8 Scientifically Proven Features That Are Irresistible To Men

The law of attraction can be a funny thing at times. Stereotypically attractive people won’t attract you at all, and someone with an interesting feature on their face might just have the upper hand. There is nothing sexier than a woman with freckles on her face, or a man who maintains his beard. However, scientists have discovered some universal traits that men find the most attractive in women. But, remember taste is an individual thing.

Here are eight of them, compiled by Aunty acid. 

1. A beautiful smile

Having an attractive smile increases your self-confidence and makes other people attracted to you. According to scientists the whiter the teeth the prettier the smile. That’s why taking good care of your teeth is a worthy goal.

2. Long arms

No one would think that having long arms would be an attractive feature, but according to scientists men like women with not just longer but also wider arms.

3. The waist to hip ratio

This is a hangover from ancient times when cavemen were looking at woman’s hips to decide whether they were fertile. According to researchers a 7:10 ratio of waist to hips is supposed to make women more attractive.

4. Less makeup

In this case, less is more. According to scientists, men prefer women to wear approximately 40% less make up than they usually wear. But, if you are a woman who loves wearing makeup, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

5. A high pitched voice

Woman having a high pitched voice can also be an attractive trait to men. Scientists say that it’s because having a higher voice indicates the women is fertile and ready to have children.

6. Good personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene is crucial for anyone’s attractiveness, not just women. So make sure you always take a good care of yourself.

7. Long, healthy hair

Long, healthy hair can be an indicator of a woman’s youth and fertility. When attracting a mate long and luscious hair is suggestive of youth which means she may be ready to bear children.

8. Wearing red

Research suggests that women who wear red are more attractive to men. It’s because the color red acts as an aphrodisiac. However, the most important thing is to wear whatever makes you happy. If that happens to be wearing a bright red dress, then go for it!


Source: auntyacid