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8 Of The Funniest Items You Can Purchase Online For Your Boobs


Women’s struggles are endless! Okay, I’m are not really complaining here, but let’s just think about the struggle of having to wear a bra. First you have to find the perfect size and fit, if you want to read about more challenges check this out here. Luckily for all women out there, there are some pretty eccentric things on the market that can give a nice lift to your upper chest. You can find great comfort and forget about the usual bra for at least a couple of hours. And, yes, ladies, you can purchase these online!

They are all real! Take a look for yourself below.

1. Cold or freezing fake nipples

Apparently that look of a nipple roaming free in its “natural habitat” is a new trend. Many celebrities are proudly showing them off, so why not try this product? With these handy dandy stick-on nips, your girls will be the perkiest!


Source: Nips For All

That’s not all, folks! These items are actually recyclable! What? Yeah, you heard right. Don’t feel bad about hurting the environment.


Source: Nips For All

2. A breast comfort pillow

This one is definitely funny, but it’s also practical. Whether you’re an A cup or a DD, the pain is sometimes real! Laying on your stomach will never be a nightmare with these!


Source: Amazon

It does look fit for all sizes. You go, girls! You can find it on Amazon.



3. Invisinips

No matter how much you want to expose those nipples, sometimes you really need to hide them.


Source: Cuchini

With Invisinips, you can make your nipples invisible. Isn’t that amazing?


Source: What Mimi Writes

4. Rapibust breast enlargement masks

It turns out that masks aren’t just for faces.  The Rapibust wil apparently moisturize, firm up, and whiten your breasts if you wear one to bed every night for a week.


Source: Lazada

It may seem too good to be true, but it’s worth trying. They say “it works on everyone,” so it must be legit.


Source:Knock Dealz

5. F-Cup cookies

If you’re not satisfied with the size of your breasts, these cookies may be a reasonable alternative.


Source: Sasa

According to the manufacturers, “each F-Cup cookie contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer, Pueraria Mirifica,” which seems pretty safe to eat.


Source: Vu-Jie

6. A rubber vacuum nipple massager breast pump bust enlarger

No, it’s not meant for breastfeeding. The product manufacturers claim they massage your melons while working to enlarge them.


Source: Amazon

Okay, it may sound painful, but it says that it’s only a massage.



7. Kush breast supports

Ah, how many times have you begged for something like this? Kush claims they’re important because they help prevent cleavage wrinkles.


Source: Amazon

Even if you are a bit skeptical, this product might be indeed life-changing.


Source:The Giggle Guide

8. The ta-ta towel

Finally, here is the super trendy (and super practical) ta-ta towel! These have become one of the hottest products on the internet to fight off boob sweat.


Source: Ta-Ta Towel

Seems like a fun thing to wear!


Source:Original Bra

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