The 8 Most Harmful Things For Your Teeth According To Dentists


Who needs taking care of their teeth when you can eat all that candy, am I right? No, I’m not right! Teeth are our friends and we should be taking very good care of them.


Damn, that almost made me cry. But believe it or not, I may be wrong. According to dentists, candy isn’t even in the Top 10 ist of enemies to your teeth. Instead, there are a bunch of other things, some of which will genuinely surprise you.

See those? Is your mouth already watering?


But thanks to Tiphero, we now have another list, which for the sake of convenience and convention, we’ll call The Top 8 Enemies of Your Teeth. According to dentists, these are your most badass villains when it comes to that tooth:

1. Ice

Chewing on ice makes dentists cringe with pain and horror! Why? Because the cold, plus the hardness of ice makes for the perfect combination of you ruining your enamel. Got it? Good.

2. Stop sucking on those cough drops

How about we ask an expert? “Sucking on a [cough drop] means the teeth are exposed to sugars and acids for a lot longer than if you had just a slice of cake that went down the hatch quickly,” Dr. Burhenne, a dentist from told Business Insider. BOOM!

3. Saltines

The interview with Business Insider continued, and Dr. Burhenne also bashed a snack that we never thought was even remotely dangerous: saltine crackers. Apparently, saltines, besides containing genetically engineered ingredients, are also rich in highly processed starches which cause cavities.

4. Citrus


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Highly acidic fruits — like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits — can, in time, easily erode the the enamel and produce those painful mouth sores. If you have to eat those fruits (no one has, but hey), dentists advise that you also drink plenty of water with them.

5. Potato chips

A similar case with the saltines – potato chips are another food item that’s filled with processed starches that provoke tooth decay. The problem occurs when tiny pieces of the chips get stuck between your teeth – and start festering there, oozing these teeth-eating chemicals.

6. Corn on the cob

Chomping on a corncob can lead to all sorts of problems, like dislodged dentures, orthodontic wires and even loosen and crack your tooth fillings. It’s a labour intensive process for sure. But thankfully I don’t have any of those contraptions in my mouth, so hey, I’ll keep chomping, doc!

7. That peanut butter and jelly sandwich

It’s made of three ingredients that have an inordinately high amount of sugar. Processed white bread, peanut butter and jelly all make for one sugary teeth-killer combo. Avoid at all costs.

8. Popcorn

Popcorn kernels turn out to be “among the top five reasons for broken teeth”, according to dentist Mark Hughes, part of the U.K.-based Harley Street Dental Group. So, next time you’re going to sit down and watch a movie with some popcorn? Chew slowly. Very slowly.

Source: tiphero

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