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8 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Actually Poor

lindsay lohan
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Ah, Hollywood life. The wealth, the beauty, the glamour… The poor.


Okay, didn’t we all dream of being rich and famous at one point in our lives? What happened to the ‘rich’ part of the equation? Top Trending assembled this video montage with celebrities that are poor. Yes, some of those celebrities we’ve heard earn millions for making movies, are actually poor. What’s more painful, you know that at a certain point they had the millions, which makes becoming poor a much bigger deal.

Or we have a different concept for poor, and to them, poor means having only one car and one New York penthouse.

That’s good poor. But still, who are the celebrities that have reached this low point, and how? In the video below, you have their names, and the way they lost, in some cases, everything.

So, celebrity poor, or mere mortal poor? Tell us in the comments!

Source:Top Trending

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