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8 On-Screen Partners Who Were Far From Ideal And Romantic


Hollywood has made romance and inappropriate relationships totally normal, even a  piece of art, if you ask me. And while you are over there, admiring Christian Grey and his muscles, let me tell you one thing: some partners who seem gentlemen-like, are actually far from an ideal partner. Even though movies make you believe in the unbelievable. From Edward Cullen to Christian Gray, there are a ton of leading ladies and gentlemen who would be far from the ideal romantic partner in real life.

1. Edward Cullen, Twilight

Back during the Twilight era, many were on #TeamJacob, but it wasn’t because he was handsome or anything. Have you ever thought that Edward was kinda abusive? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to those who were obsessed with him, but it’s the ugly truth.

Edward Cullen, Twilight

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Edward was constantly asking Bella where she was going, and becoming furious if she did not call him back. Also, he tried to commit suicide when she tried to break up with him, got aggressive when she was friends with Jacob as well! “Minor” details, everyone!


Source: Clevver

2. Christian Gray, Fifty Shades of Gray

Women are aware that Mr. Christian Gray is abusive, but they are still drawn to him anyway. This kinda says a lot about our sad world, doesn’t it?

Should I start giving examples? Christian wouldn’t let Anastasia discuss their relationship with anyone except each other.  He also used intimidation full-force.

Christian Gray, Fifty Shades of Gray

Source: IMDb | Chuck Zlotnick | Universal Pictures

On top of all that, he was probably one of the most possessive and manipulative characters on the silver screen.

He said, “You’re mine – all mine, understand?” Thet’s beyond possessive!

On top of all that, he has to be one of the most possessive and manipulative characters to ever grace the silver screen.

Source: The Daily Dot

3. The Joker, Suicide Squad

We see this relationship as one-sided, as a lot of the intense scenes of abuse were cut from the film. Interestingly, one deleted scene included the Joker having two of his henchmen threaten Harley Quinn. This actully happened just before she “voluntarily” jumped into a vat of chemicals. Weird!

The Joker, Suicide Squad

Source: We Got This Covered

The Joker acts as if he owns Harley Quinn in the first place. He gives her as a gift to a man without even asking her or getting her consent. Moreover, he always kept track of where she was, and was quite controlling and possessive.


Source: Batman News

4. Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Although he is actually a sociopath, he is still adored while blatantly being horrible.

Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

Source: LitReactor

Patrick had a lot of women, both on and off-screen. That just creeps me out, okay?


Source: Blum House

5. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

Aria and Ezra met in a bar, and ended up making out in the bathroom before the two knew that Ezra was her high school English teacher!

Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

Source: Pretty Little Liars Wiki

Ezra attempted to shut down their relationship after this realization, but he didn’t resist later in the season. Aria was just 16 at the time!


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6. Jason Dean, Heathers

Jason Dean is presented as the villain and the antagonist, but he also has a relationship with Veronica. Many actually like his character, although they hate him at the same time.

Jason Dean, Heathers

Source: Cineplex | New World Pictures

J.D. is a sociopath, people! Not to mention that he also saw Veronica take the wrong cup, full of dish cleaner that he knew would kill Heather, and said nothing.

J.D. is a sociopath if we've ever seen one, presenting a danger to anyone around him and himself.

Source: Moviehole

7. Piper Chapman, Orange Is The New Black

Many people see Piper as the protagonist of this show. She is super manipulative and always playing the victim, of course.

Piper Chapman, Orange Is The New Black

Source: Post Grad Problems

Do you remember how she ratted Alex out after she was released from prison?


Source: Orange Is The New Black Wiki

8. Regina George, Mean Girls

Let’s be honest here. Regina is one of the most manipulative, scheming people we’ve ever seen on screen! The whole situation is played off as a joke, though.

Regina George, Mean Girls

Source: Overthinking It

Regina was so controlling with both Aaron Samuels and Shane Oman! Pretty manipulative as a partner!

However, when you think about it, she was actually quite controlling with both Aaron Samuels and Shane Oman.

Source: IMDb

Here are some photos to satisfy your daily dose of cringy.

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