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8 Skills you need to have to be fashion stylist


Every girl has fantasies what she will be when she grows up. Some like to be ballerina’s, some doctors, and some of the girls are drawing dresses, and they like to be a fashion stylist. This dream job is considered as the most attractive job globally. Some of the advantages are that fFashion stylists usually are self-employed, the job requires looking at gorgeous clothes and lots of shopping. It means that someone who will prove its talented stylist will become part of the fashion elite.  If you are the one of those who is wondering is this the right job for you,  then we hope you will read which of the eight signs you will have to have to be successful.  



1.You are shopping a lot.

You feel like at home when you are in a big shopping mall. It’s a good sign if you are because a lot’s of your client will have a need of a shopping assistant. Sometimes they will need glamorous dresses suitable for VIP’s only events, sometimes casual outfit. Whatever your client will need you will have to spend a lot of time searching department store’s, shopping malls and expensive designer boutiques.

2.You love to mix and match.

One od the most important part of being a successful fashion stylist is to come out with perfect combinations. If you love to mix and match it’s a good sign. Even the most expensive designer pieces will look bad in a wrong combination. Many of the clients will need someone talented who will think fast and make imaginative combinations.

3.You know how to reuse old pieces.

One of the requered skills you must have is to come up with fresh ideas and combinations with the pieces the client already has in the wardrobe.  If you have it, it’s a sign you can make a good career.




4.You are always following the  latest fashion trends

Even if you are doing it just for your own style at this moment, following the latest fashion trend is very important. If you can predict what will be the next “You must have it” in the fashion world, you are on the right track.

5.You don’t like to be the boss

We already mentioned that fashion stylists are mostly self-employed. If you like to be your own boss and to have flexible working hours you will be happy with this job. Maybe you can take some of the stylist courses to master your skills.

6.You like to travel.

If you like to have a busy life and be always on the go. If you like to visit different cities or countries, even better, fashion stylist job will make your dream come true. Of course, this will depend on who will be your client. But, if it’s someone from the VIP’s you will have to travel together.

7.You like to have many friends

This job can be an advantage for you if you are a person who has a need to have lots of friends. You will always meet new people.


8.You like different challenges

Being a fashion stylist means that your daily duties will always be different. One day you will find yourself preparing your client for a music video or award ceremony and the next day you will have to go for shopping. You will have different challenges you will be expected to fulfill. If you consider that this is an advantage, then you have one more skill for this job.


If you can tick more than five of the listed skills, then you can maybe consider beginning walking on the fashion stylist path.


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