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8 Tips To Grow Your Hair Quicker, Easier And Healthier


Growing out your hair takes patience and dedication. And trying your best not to physically pull it to grow faster because, frustration. You can’t just live as you always have done and just expect your hair to magically grow out on its own. You need to pull a few stops to make sure that you grow your hair into healthy and luscious locks and make it look as good as it can.

If you want to grow out your hair quickly and easily, here are a few tips you should follow

1. Brush it when dry

Wet hair may be easier to brush, but water makes the hair shaft weaker, and therefore easier to break. You don’t want this when you’re trying to grow it out.

Brush it dry only, and brush it before you go to bed to encourage growth.

2. Stay away from washing it daily

Washing your mane daily should also be avoided if you’re trying to grow it out. Depending on your hair’s texture, natural oils in the scalp should stay there to do their work, and too much shampooing will remove them.

3. Eat healthy

This tip is literally everywhere, but it helps too. You need to have a balanced diet with a hefty amount of protein, as the hair is effectively its own protein and it needs to be fed. Hair growth is also promoted with pumpkins. Healthy fats and iron should also be eaten in good amounts, as this helps with your hair’s health.

4. Avoid sugar

This one may be a bit difficult, as sugar is not only found in basically everything from chocolate to french fries (yes really), but we can’t help but indulge in the occasional choco treat every now and again. Eating too much destroys collagen and keratin, which are both needed for healthy hair growth.

5. Too much heat is bad

Using heat in pretty much any form you can think of to style or straighten your hair, moisture can be siphoned from your hair and that results in weakness. Don’t give up your heat-based tools altogether, but don’t use them as often as you may do right now.

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5. Conditioning

Moisturizing the hair is essential for faster growth. A regular oil treatment or some deep conditioning helps to lock in moisture. Oil treatments fill the hair with healthy fatty acids. Argan, coconut and castor oil are among the ones that should be used for a good oil treatment.

6. Inverted massages

Nope, it’s not what it sounds like. It’s just the name used to massage your scalp. This method of massage increases the circulation in the scalp, it’s almost like exercise in a way.

7. Regular trimming

While hair and beauty experts have their own take on how often to trim hair, doing so keeps it healthy and prevents breakage. Leaving split ends unattended causes breakage, prevents hair growth, and can even travel up the strand. It’s sage, old advice but it works!

9 Tips To Grow Your Hair Quicker, Easier And Healthier 2


8. Don’t use hot water when washing


For a lot of people, the perfect temperature when showering always seems to be more than hot. Hot water leads to brittle and dry hair, as well as shedding and weakened follicles.

These tips should hopefully help you towards growing out your hair to the length of your dreams. Have anymore hair tips to share? Share them in the comments!

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