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Eight Of The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Of All Time


For many people, their wedding day is one of the most important events of their lives. Also, the most awaited and planned one. It’s being prepared to the last detail, but sometimes people fail in the most obvious way. No matter how much you try, sometimes you can ruin your wedding by wearing a not-so-pleasant-looking wedding gown. With all eyes on the bride, imagine what that wedding looks like or feels like for the guests.

Instead of being the highlight of the beauty of the ceremony, these brides have done a terrible job.

TheTalko has made a photo compilation of women wearing the not-so-great-looking wedding dresses and we are about to see what not to wear on your wedding day.

1. When your dress is somewhere between a swimsuit and underwear.

She just wanted to show her skin, to everyone.
wedding 1

2. The diaper dress

Combine silk, satin, and lace and that’s what you get from a traditional wedding dress. But women just love to experiment, an this is what they get. A diaper dress. She obviously crossed the line.

wedding 2

3. Feathered fail

You see feathers as details on dresses, but you certainly haven’t seen so many feathers on the edges. Like this wedding dress, which also includes feathered wings. Looks like this bride is ready to fly off.

wedding 3

4. Hey there, hay!

Luckily there were no horses around because they would certainly love this cute hay-looking dress! Hay or straws, this dress is probably very uncomfortable to wear. Your guests will probably keep off at least a mile from you.

wedding 4

5. The sponsored gown

Yes, weddings can be sponsored. But do you think any bride would put the logos on her gown? I highly doubt so. Either this was a great joke or Photoshop skills did a great job.

wedding 5

6. Wide bridal dress

Wide shoulders, wide hips, wide everything, basically. This dress that looks like toilet paper from afar is also combined with a bizarre headband. Just look at the bride’s face! It says it all.

wedding 6

7. Paintball bride

Why bother to keep your dress clean when you can come wear dress having these spots on? It sure looks unique, though.

wedding 7

8. Revealing dress

wedding 8

Lady Mary had it designed for herself but did a pretty awful job revealing her skin with this wedding dress.

Take a look at  the video below:


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