Scientists Reveal The Eight Features Of Women Most Attractive To Men

Scientists Reveal The Eight Features Of Women Most Attractive To Men


Since the dawn of time, sex has always been on the minds of men and women. Well, cavemen and cavewomen. And no wonder – it’s why we’re here, sharing this moment together. I am writing this because my parents decided to have sex once, and you’re reading this for the very same reasons – your parents banged.

Needless to say, although a lot of things have changed since the prehistoric days, very little has changed regarding sex and attraction in our societies. Despite all the debates and intellectual attempts to reframe sex in a new light in this age of comfort and technology, most men still go for women, and most women still go for men. And the rub is – little has changed in the ways of attraction. Most women still prefer men to be taller than them, and most men still prefer their women to be gentler.

But there’s a lot more nuance to our instincts, and science has been working overtime to find all the ins and outs as to how, and why, people decide to procreate. Today, we’re talking about the features that men find attractive, and it’s a lot more complex than just boasting “big boobs.”

VT reports that Business Insider collaborated with the Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies at DePaul University, Dr. Midge Wilson. Together, they made a list of the most desirable feminine traits, which they called the “reproductive fitness assessment.” In everyday speech, this is the process during which a man “checks out” a woman for possible mating potential. So let’s see.

1. A specific waist-to-hip ratio

Usually, the wider the hips, the more a man’s primal instincts can kick in and desire to have children with her. According to researchers, a ratio of 7:10 is most favorable, meaning that (as if we didn’t know) – men really dig a small waist combined with some lovely, wider, child-bearing hips. Of course, with a nice booty on top.


2. High-pitched voice

Voice plays a huge role in attraction. And when it comes to men, a high-pitched voice is especially attractive, since it signals youth, gentleness, and femininity. Basically, everything opposite of what a man is. Youth is also the period when women are most fertile, with those aged 20-31 being at the peak of fertility. The takeout here? Please use your lovely high-pitched voice more. We love those squeaks when you see a cute dog or something!


3. Healthy hair

Well, duh. This is kind of a stereotype at this point. But you know what they say about stereotypes – they formed because there was some truth to them. The scientists discovered that shiny, long, and full hair was really attractive to men. Women who have wiry, frayed or grey hair are found to be less desirable. That is because they fail to signal youth as efficiently, which, as we saw above, is tied to signaling fertility.


4. Less makeup is more attractive

Men prefer women who are more comfortable with their natural looks and don’t use makeup to either hide or enhance their features. Which makes sense, really – men want the real thing, not a shiny image.


5. Smiling

Most of us, by default, prefer to be around happy, comfortable, kind people. Well, turns out that men are people too, because they prefer women who smile. The research also found that white teeth enhanced this effect. (Duh.)


6. Women who wear red

Many studies confirm the same thing – that women who wear red stimulate men’s senses and heighten many studies pointing out that wearing red stimulates the senses and enhances attraction. Red can be a powerful aphrodisiac too, for both men and women.


7. Long arms

Well, this was sort of unexpected. While it is well known that men are into long-legged women, very few people realized that long, slender arms on a woman is also a trait that men found attractive. Easier to hug, anyway.


8. Grooming and good hygiene

Clean clothes, healthy posture and looking nice is another important combination that made men feel more attracted. It basically means that you are strong, healthy, and able to take good care of yourself. Who doesn’t want that?


Well… Your turn, ladies!

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