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The 8-Year-Old Albino Nicknamed ‘Snow White’ is Flooded With Offers From Modeling Agencies


The eight-year-old albino, known only as Nariyana, lives in Yakutia with her family. She was born in Yakutia in Siberia. The other members of her family all have black hair. Her family isn’t the only ones who think she is special. Even though she is only eight years old, she is overwhelmed by calls from modeling and advertising agencies. They all want her on their books because of her unique looks. The world has nicknamed her ‘Snow White’ because of her white complexion.

Locals have described her as strikingly blonde’ with ‘skin like porcelain’, but her mother says that she doesn’t want her daughter to start a modeling career just yet.


Here are some photographs of ‘Snow White’, capturing her pale features and her shiny white hair. She is the first albino in the family, her parents Elena and Albert say. Elena mentions that Nariyana may try modeling later on in her life, but that she is going to focus on her childhood right now. Her newest hobbies are dancing and drawing.

In one of the photographs, you can also notice the striking contrast between her 14-year-old sister, Karina, who has dark hair. The family are ethnic Yakuts and have dark hair as well.


Nariyana and her sister.


Aren’t they cute?


She looks like her family, but she is an albino, which makes her special.


Her skin is so bright.


Nariyana seems to be enjoying her toys.


Now look at this face, she is fascinating to look at.


Her mother says that she wants her daughter to decide for herself if she wants to be a model or not, when the time comes.


‘Snow White’ says she wants to be a model.


Here is a picture with her cousin.


The little girl works well in front of the camera.


Photographer Vadim Rufov said that Nariyana was the strangest and most interesting person that he had met.


Vadim says ‘she is incredibly artistic’.


She looks confident in front of the camera.


Here is another toy of hers.


Her parents hope that she will lead a normal life, just like any other girl her age.


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