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If You’re A Girl Born In The ’80s – You Almost Certainly Grew Up With These


If you were not growing up in Afghanistan, Poland, or Central America, the ’80s were an amazing time to be a child. Especially a girl. Technology was just becoming readily available to just about anyone, but still not on a scale where it would dominate lives. Although they would seem naive – to put it mildly – to children nowadays, the toys and products we used to play with were extremely innovative at the time, while requiring imagination and participation on behalf of the user as well. Here are ten items that will take you down memory lane back to the wonderfully carefree time of the ’80s.

1. Stick-on earrings

A huge fashion craze back in the day, it allowed kids to sport earrings without going to the trauma of getting their ears pierced.


2. Avon Little Blossom

This range of products by Avon ridiculously popular in the ’80s. It is as if we could still smell it!


3. Kylie’s ‘I should be so lucky’ outfit

The song from Kylie Minogue’s 1988 debut album took the world by storm, but it is her outfit from the music video that is equally remembered.


4. Hair clips

These accessories are sure to bring back a lot of memories of times spent in front of a mirror!


5. Strawberry Shortcake

These little dolls that you used to love are still available through the Strawberry Shortcake online store.


6. Smash Hits song lyrics

The lyrics segment was one of the most loved sections of the British pop music magazine that later spawned a digital TV and radio station.


7. Some Kind of Wonderful

Who could forget this movie about an outsider falling in love with the most beautiful girl in school only to find out that who he truly loves has been with him all along?


8. Hair crimpers

Don’t you sometimes wish all you needed today was a crimper instead of all those long and complicated hair tutorials?


9. Rose petal perfume

Who needed Dior or Burberry when you could have a rose petal scent on your skin? It smelled great, and every girl had her own jealously-guarded process and method.


10. Jelly Shoes and Bag

Although not that comfortable to wear, you just had to look the part in matched jelly shoes and bag!



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