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9 Stunning Pictures Showing Michael Jackson’s Face Transformations


1. Michael Jackson as teenager. At this age he already had three solo albums and one number one hit song  “Ben” .


2. Michael Jackson made his first plastic surgery at age 21 after  he broke his nose during rehearsal. It  was the beginning of his transformation.

2) The 20's MJ

3. Michael Jackson in his best looks during the time he released his best selling album ” Thriller”. He changed the hair stile and his nose again.

3) The Thriller MJ

4. Although Michael Jackson  was declaring he is suffering from vitiligio ( a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin) everyone knew that he bleached his skin and he has done more plastic surgeries.

4) The Plastic MJ

5. Michael Jackson became  addicted on plastic surgeries. He was totally unrecognizable . His nose and face looked different almost every time he made public appearance.


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