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9 Benefits Of Not Wearing A Bra


In 1964, Danish fashion historian Rudolf Kristian Albert Broby-Johansen wrote an article demanding that the topless are treated seriously – as a was a way for a new generation of women to express themselves. In 1969, he wrote an article titled “Obituary for the Bra” in which he predicted the imminent demise of bras.

And he was probably right, although it’s taken a bit longer than expected. Today, it is common for red carpet events to be littered with celebrities not wearing one, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time when bras are considered obsolete, just as it happened with corsets.

The history of bras is closely intertwined with the emancipation of women, the change in their social status and in the way in which the female body is perceived. During the late XIX century, bras started replacing the corset and made it obsolete by the 1930s when mass production began.

Can you imagine a braless future? Let’s look at some of the health and aesthetical pros of not wearing a bra at all.

1. Breast shape improvement

It has been widely believed that wearing a bra prevents breasts from sagging, however, this might not be true. According to a long-running French study, bras most likely cause the loss of shape of breasts by weakening the chest muscles.

2. Better sleep

2. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Even if you are a bra supporter, there is no reason for wearing one while sleeping. A popular myth is that sleeping with a bra causes breast cancer, but such a causal connection has never been proven. However, there is no doubt that sleeping with an undergarment impacts one’s circadian rhythms, and affects the quality of sleep.

3. Better circulation

Wearing tight clothing, especially push-up bras, can slow circulation by compressing major blood vessels which might lead to cardiovascular issues down the road.

4. General breast health improvement

4. Improve You Breast Health

Besides improving blood flow, not wearing a bra means sweat and dirt are not being trapped against the skin for ages. This, in turn, reduces the risk of infections, rashes, and acne on one’s breasts. On the other hand, these risks are accentuated by wearing bras that don’t quite fit or have probing underwires. These might cause shortness of breath, chest pains, and all sorts of discomfort.

5. Saving money

The manufacture and sale of bras has long become a multibillion-dollar industry. Many feminists over the years have seen them as a symbol of society’s control over women. It is up to you to decide whether you think that money could be better spent.

6. Strengthening the breasts

6. Strengthen Your Breasts

It has long been widely believed that without the support of a brazier, the effects of gravity will catch up with your breasts sooner or later. In recent years the theory that quite the opposite is true has been gathering more and more momentum.When your chest HAS to battle gravity, the chest muscles work harder and actually strengthen your breasts. This doesn’t just make you stronger, but it actually increases your breast size. That’s right, saying bye to your bra could gain you a whole cup size.

7. Encouraging the breast tissue’s health

A French study on the effects of clothing on health has been going on for a decade and a half. During its course, scientists have found out that wearing a bra might be hindering the development of healthy breast tissue, which in turn increases the chance of various breast diseases, such as breast cancer.

Ditching your bras might not only make your breasts perkier but also healthier.

8. More comfort

8. Comfort

Not to be sniffed at. Any lady knows what a cathartic feeling removing a bra after a long, hard day is. There is hardly a more liberating feeling in the world, is there? This is even truer if you wear lacy, itchy, or tight bras. Actually, sometimes bra-caused discomfort can even prevent you from being able to concentrate on your daily tasks properly. If this happens more often than not, you know the solution.

9. Easier breathing

Having something tight and restricting wrapped around your chest all day every day is not exactly the healthiest thing for a respiratory system. Although this is unlikely to cause major health issues, it definitely affects the quality of one’s breathing.

Not wearing a bra would probably result with a freer supply of oxygen to your lungs, and in turn with more strength and energy.



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