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9 Disney Heroes Who Never Got The Credit They Deserved


Many of us love Disney movies and its leading characters. We sometimes love them so much, that they become our kids’ favourite, too. And all you get to see in the toy store are Peter Pan dolls and Cinderellas, but where are the rest of the characters? Forgotten and not even remembered for their actions. We used to believe that the main characters are the only heroes in the story, however, it wasn’t always the case. This is the list of the forgotten heroes and it has some serious badasses that we need to pay proper attention to!

Let’s bring justice to Disney stories and begin praising the ones who REALLY saved the day!

1. Mushu in Mulan

Mulan was certainly the heroine of the story and she did save China. But, she wasn’t alone.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

We quickly forgot that Mushu was the one to actually get the firework over the rooftop. Such a great help to Mulan!

Source: In Flight With Food

2. Chien-Po in Mulan

We also easily forgot that Chien-Po was the one to actually rescue the Emperor of China by jumping off a roof. No one gave him credit for that!


3. Nigel in Finding Nemo

I mean, he saved Dory and Marlin from the seagulls and he even carried them all the way to the dentist’s office in his MOUTH. Such a sacrifice!

Source: Pixar Wiki

4. The Grand Duke in Cinderella

You would agree that the mice got a lot of credit and ended up being great heroes in the story. They sure helped Cinderella escape from the tower.

Source: Emaze

But no one bothered with the Grand Duke. He was actually a huge part of the story. The wicked stepmother and stepsisters try really hard to convince him that Cinderella isn’t going to fit into the shoe. But, what does he do? He doesn’t listen to them and listens to his intuition! Thank goodness for his persistence!

Source: The Disney Wiki

5. The carpet in Aladdin

It was pretty obvious that Aladdin saved the day at the end of the movie. He was the one who finally got Jafar into the lamp and prevented Princess Jasmine from suffocating in the hourglass. And we LOVE him for that.

Source: The Evil Wiki

But why didn’t anyone thank the carpet? The character of the carpet was the one who got Jasmine and Aladdin together in the first place. Let’s face it, the story would be nothing without the magic carpet.

Source: Movie Pilot

6. Zazu in The Lion King

He was a real hero.

Source: The Disney Wiki

He didn’t actually save Mustafa, but he saved Simba and Nala from the elephants’ graveyard. Imagine if he didn’t save them, how would the story be worth telling if he hadn’t?

Source: The Lion King Wiki

7. Tantor in Tarzan

Did you think it was only Tarzan who saved the day? Yes, he sure did help…

Source: The Movie Marmite Man

But what about Tantor? He was the one who helped everyone escape from the ship in the first place. He was the first hero of the story, so let’s give him the credit he deserves!

Source: The Disney Wiki

8. Scuttle in  The Little Mermaid

Scuttle was the only one who really believed in Ariel, who was constantly being told “don’t do this” and “don’t do that”,whereas he constantly encouraged her.

Source: Heroes Wiki

He was also the one to warn Ariel that Ursula had turned herself into a human and was marrying Prince Eric.


9. The crocodile in Peter Pan

Source: Heroes Wiki

You might think it was Peter Pan who killed Captain Hook. But you are actually wrong. It was the crocodile who pulled Hook off of the cliff and chased him through the water and away forever.

Source: 50 Most Influential Disney Animators
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