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Celebrities Take The Mannequin Challenge

Blac Chyna
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If you are active on social media, no doubt you have encountered the mannequin challenge that is spreading like wildfire. The challenge started at a high school where teens froze in various scenes throughout the school grounds and now the challenge has spread to being taken on by everyone from Sir Paul McCartney, to Beyonce, even to Blac Chyna in mid labor. And for whatever reason an ongoing theme throughout many of the challenges is the use of Rae Sremmurd’s hit anthem, “Black Beatles.”

It’s actually really eerie if you imagine it happening in real life. Like imagine being the only person in real time while the rest of the world is frozen. No, thank you. The celebrities makeovers are actually very good:


Steph Curry made an entire restaurant do the challenge and it turned out pretty well.


One of our favorites is for sure Blac Chyna in labor which is pretty crazy and awesome

To see the other celebrity challenges click down below:

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