9 Reasons For Wearing Pajamas Instead Of Sleeping Naked

9 Reasons For Wearing Pajamas Instead Of Sleeping Naked


Forget all those scenes in the movies where everyone is sleeping naked. Most people, in fact, don’t – and movies just add that in order to make their scene be more appealing or aesthetic.

Sure, SOME people do sleep naked, but they’re in the small minority. And thank God my parents didn’t sleep naked when I was a kid, because I’d probably have to add even more childhood traumas in my life. And I’m pretty fine with the ones I already have, thanks. Keep your naked brothers and sisters and grandpas and grandmas and parents away from me.

But, besides all the awkwardness associated with those chronic naked sleepers, there’s actually a bunch of reasonable, healthy, and scientific reasons why it’s better to NOT sleep naked. Thanks to VT.co, today we’re bringing nine of them.

1. Pajamas are awesome

They’re like an entire special subset of fashion. Just think about it – Star Wars jammies, Pokemon jammies, heck, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre jammies. Why miss on all that coolness just for a chance of flashing your butt or something?


2. It’s frigging cold!

So why sleep naked? Sure, even in the North Pole you could probably sleep naked if you wasted a lot of electricity or fuel in order to keep your room’s temperature at equatorial levels, but… Why? Plus, good luck on getting up to pee, in the middle of the night, NAKED, in that ice-cold bathroom.


3. Sometimes people don’t knock

If you live alone, then I guess you’re alright. (Unless, you know, someone decides to just break in.) But if you live with your family or a bunch of roommates, and you’re sleeping naked… Well, I don’t have to spell this out for you, do I? If only you would wear pajamas…


4. Evacuation due to an emergency will leave you dead – or embarrassed

It DOES happen. And more often than you think. A mere false alarm is sufficient, in fact. So, wanna run down the street with your willy dangling willy-nilly? Or your V getting that vendetta for everyone to see? Be our guest.


5. Why would you smear your butt on your sheets?

Sure, maybe you’re the cleanest person alive. And maybe sometimes we all fail a bit in that department. And other times you’ll end up having your face drooling on the very same spot you had your genitals on. And imagine you’re on your period, eh? I don’t know man. Woman.


6. All that sweat

Where do you think it’s actually going? Why do you think people change pajamas and underwear regularly? When you’re sleeping naked, your entire bed essentially turns into one very dirty pair of underwear.


7. The postman. Or postwoman. Ahem.

They’ll either have to wait for you to get dressed, because you’re an irresponsible human like that, or just appear naked, or semi-naked, in front of them. You know what humans invented to solve that problem? Pajamas.


8. Pajamas allow you to be more festive

Like, you can have Christmas pajamas! Or New Year’s pajamas. Or even the 4th of July pajamas!


9. The coziness is worth it

Besides the nostalgia, I mean. Sure, I’m an adult, but I love feeling comfortable and ‘right at home’ as a grown up too. Besides, when I have children of my own one day, I sure won’t sleep nude or make them sleep naked. I just love wearing those comfy, baggy jammies!


… But, hey, it’s all up to you!

Source: vt.co

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