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Here Are 9 Subtle Ways Of Your Body Telling You To Drink More Water


The human body can contain up to 60% water, and it practically thrives on it, so basically it needs water to function properly. Whenever there is an issue or a disease, first ask yourself if you are properly hydrated. Many diseases take roots in dehydration, and, it is of crucial importance to stay hydrated.

safe_image.jpegdcially because we tend to forget we have to drink water and we easily lose fluids. If your body is dehydrated, it will give you a sign. Of course, it won’t be written on your forehead, but you will feel it in many ways, often the subtlest ones. These are the 9 most common signs of dehydration.


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1. Dry/sticky mouth

If you don’t receive enough water, the salivary glands won’t make enough saliva. This results in a dry or sticky mouth, according to the Mayo Clinic. Another issue that might arise is difficulties in swallowing.

2. Less frequent urination

If the body does not have enough water, the kidneys start to retain water to make up for the higher concentrations of blood, according to Business Insider.

3. Muscle cramps


Source: The Health Site

When working out, the body needs more fluids, and if it doesn’t receive them, you might get muscle cramps, according to MedlinePlus.  The most common muscles to experience cramps are the ones in the leg, the feet, arms, hands, as well as the abdomen.

4. Dizziness

If you are mildly dehydrated, it might affect your cognitive behaviour, according to “Water, Hydration and Health,” a public manuscript regarding the effects of dehydration. This consequently leads to dizziness, problems in concentration, and in some cases short-term memory issues.

5. Increased heart rate

Blood volume decreases when you have less water in the body, according to “Water, Hydration and Health”. This causes the heart rate to increase. Also, another impact is lowering blood pressure when transitioning from lying down to standing up.

6. Less elastic skin

Unfortunately, your skin will become dry and tight if you don’t hydrate properly, according to The International Dermal Institute. This may also cause cracks from stretching that can bleed.


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7. Thirst

This is one of the most common and obvious symptoms, and you should always listen to your body. If you are feeling extreme thirst, you should suck on ice cubes or sip water.

8. Dry, cool skin

If you have dry skin, it will look and/or feel rough and itchy. Also, it will start to take on a scaly appearance when dehydrated and will be cool to the touch, according to the International Dermal Institute.

9. Headache


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Finally, headaches and migraines are often a result of dehydration. Therefore, solving them is particularly easy, just drink water, according to “Water, Hydration and Health.”

According to PubMed, the average male should consume 3.7 liters of water and the average women should consume 2.7 liters daily. But, you shouldn’t take these numbers for granted because they are different based on heat stress and daily exercise.

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