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9 Ways Your Pinky Impacts Your Relationships, Personality, And So Much More!


Throughout the ages, palmists have dealt with the meaning of the lines on your palms as well as the meaning of your fingers. Even though you thought your pinky finger is just another tiny part of your body, it stands for more than just being the smallest finger. Many people have linked the pinky finger to some of your deepest character traits of your pesonality. However, it turns out that your pinky can also reveal secrets about love and relationships!

Although tiny, your pinky speaks volumes about your life!

1. The Greek’s pinky



In Greek mythology, the pinky finger is associated with the Greek god Hermes who manifested himself as a cunning trickster. His communication skills were impeccable and he is fabled to be the epitome of wisdom such as Thoth, Loki, or Mercury. Just as the pinky finger is the shortest finger on your hand, Hermes was the god with the shortest stature.

2. The pinky finger and science



In terms of science, the pinky has been proven to grant extra support to your grip. It also aids in distributing the weight uniformly when lifting, pulling or pushing something. Surprisingly, hand therapists attribute around 50 percent of your hand’s strength to your pinky finger! This means that if your pinky is gone, you only have half strength in your hand. The pinky also bands together with your ring finger and gives your hand strength.

3. The pinky and neuroscience



Researchers have shown a link between the ‘curved pinky’ and autism. A meta-analysis of 7 studies with over 600 subjects has identified that the curved pinky is a small physical manifestation that could potentially relate to autism. Research shows that a pinky with double looped fingerprints or an additional loop below the palmar tri-radius of the little finger was another physical characteristic of autistic men. People with autism also have a shorter pinky.

4. The pinky and medicine


Similarly, if the pinky is curved, it is a sign of more than 60 medical and health related syndromes. These might include Downs syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome and many others. It is important to note that this is not always the case with a curved pinky, however.

5. The pinky promise



This childhood measure of friendship is not just an innocent act of loyalty. It has its roots in the 1600s and originated in Japan. Locking pinkies together meant that if the promise was not fulfilled, the wronged party could cut off the other’s pinky finger. The promise was used by the mafia as an act of loyalty and sex-workers were known to cut off the tips of their pinky fingers to show their feelings for the most favored customer.

The length of your pinky speaks about your personality, too.

6. The pinky and love



It is said that, back in the day, a flexed pinky was a subtle lady’s way of pointing out the desired suitor. She would flex her pinky in the direction of the man she liked.

Furthermore, the pinky plays a major role in defining your relationships as well as your personality.

7. The shorty



If your pinky comes below your ring finger’s top joint, you are a reserved and shy individual. You also find it hard to interact with people, especially strangers. Being timid, you may have little self-confidence. It is hard for you to express yourself. However, when you do get over you initial hesitation, you are a kind and caring person. It is what has helped you realize many of your dreams, hard work, determination and kindness.

8. The levelled pinky



If you have a leveled pinky, you have a very balanced personality. This means that you are a mixture of everything. You are caring and kind, but you don’t let people take you for granted. Balance is your second name. You know how to party but not at the expense of your work. Sometimes you may look distant, and it may take some time before people can see the warm and caring side of your personality.

9. The dominant pinky



If your pinky goes above your ring finger’s top joint, you are always in control of your emotions. You are also the cool-headed one who always has things under control. Also, you are a little stubborn, and if things don’t work your way, you do all you can to make them work to your advantage. You have bright ideas, and you know what you want and go after it with. However, some may think of you as too uptight and rigid so it’s a good idea to relax a little bit.


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