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98 Year Old Woman’s Fantastic Performance At The Grand Ole Opry



The legendary country music venue ”The Grand Ole Opry” has been played by some of the greats of the genre. If you ask any up-and-coming country star they will tell you that to play the Grand Ole Opry Stage is a lifelong dream.

One of those singers is the great Josh Turner, a rising country singer who has released many hits such as ”Your Man” and ”Long Black Train.” But it is someone else who stole the show in The Grand Ole Opry. It was his very own Grandma!

She received a standing ovation for her performance of “How Great Thou Art” live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. She really is an inspiration to senior citizens. What a fantastic lady, hats off to her.

Check out the video we have posted below to see her perform, there is no way you will not have chills while watching this amazing video!



Source:Grand Ole Opry

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