Abandoned Litter Of Kittens Kept Safe By Another Cat

Abandoned Litter Of Kittens Kept Safe By Another Cat


A litter of kittens was rescued by the Homeless Animal Adoption League in Bloomfield, New Jersey when they were found abandoned in a recycling bin.

A local passerby was walking home when he saw a bin filled with kittens on a near curb. It was evident that someone had left them intentionally.


The weather was cold and it was just about to rain when the man decided to react immediately.

However, the only thing that was stopping them from freezing was the warm embrace by their new ‘mom’.

A grown up cat was huddling with the kittens when the rescuers arrived.

They covered the bin with the blanket and took them back to the shelter. All of the kittens were in good shape, they had no visible traces of injuries and they seemed to have no problem eating on their own.


What they had initially counted were four kittens, however, it turned out that they were six!

In addition, that was not the only surprise that the rescuers encountered.


The cat who kept them safe, and who the rescuers initially thought was their mom, was actually a male cat!

It’s not really known whether the tomcat was their kin, but he really took great care of them! He groomed them and kept them busy and playing. It definitely turns out that the protecting instinct is not only a mother’s instinct.


The shelter named the brave cat Mrs. Doubtfire. For those of you who still haven’t seen the movie, it featured the late Robin Williams pretending to be a female nanny in order to be closer to his kids. So endearing!

The thought of abandoned animals shatters me to my core.


On a more positive note, the male cat and the kittens are up for adoption. I hope they will find a loving and caring family soon.

Source:The Animal Rescue Site, pawmygosh

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