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An Abused Pit Bull Puppy Was Adopted By The Guy That Rescued Him


One of the things on the internet that seems to get a lot of attention (aside the countless other things we’ve told you about before), is rescuing an animal that has been terribly abused before. The way it goes is, while painful and heartwarming, relatively simple: a heavily abused animal is found by someone, they adopt that animal, and they make a full recovery, which absolutely melts the heart of all the viewers. One of the more recent examples of an abused animal that was rescued is Mojo, a three-month-old pit bull puppy that almost didn’t make it.


Source:Life With Dogs

I can tell you one thing: no one expected Mojo’s case to turn out this well, not even Mojo himself.


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When he was first rescued, it was visible right from the start that he was seriously abused and neglected, as he was in a terrible state.


Source:Life With Dogs

Joey Wagner, the creator of a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Canada, stepped in and rushed the puppy to an animal hospital.


Source:Daily Mail

If he was rescued just a little bit later, Mojo might have not survived at all. They were right on time, though.


According to Honest to Paws, the puppy got on his way to recovery—slowly.

While people wanted to adopt him, the center was unsure if they should allow that due to his serious condition which would require a lot of time and dedication to restore him to his former good shape and make him grow up into the big pit that he should be.


Source:Honest to Paws

Mojo needed special care in order to properly recover. The recovery was too intense to just allow any regular person to adopt him, according to Honest to Paws.


Source:Little Things

Even though it was stated that special treatment and a lot of time is what’s going to take to get Mojo back on track, Joey decided to take the plunge.



As soon as Joey knew Mojo was meant to be his, he headed to where the puppy was recovering. Mojo’s reaction was absolutely priceless.



As soon as Joey stepped into the room where the dog was having a routine exam, Mojo immediately recognized him, and this is one of the most heartwarming moments I’ve seen all year.


He just wouldn’t stop giving Joel hugs and kisses, if anything, showing his happiness and gratitude that he was finally rescued.


Source:Daily Mail

This is what Mojo looks like nowadays

Much healthier!



Would you have rescued Mojo if you were cut out for it? Do you have a story like this to share? Share it in the comments below!


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