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An “Ace Ventura” Reboot Could Be In The Making

Ace Ventura

Reboots have a high potential of ruining your favorite childhood movies. They never seem to be nearly as good as the original, even if they are done properly.


Furthermore, there is the eternal struggle whether you should go and see a reboot or just ignore it and stick to the original.

Without further ado, it seems that an Ace Ventura reboot could be on it’s way.


The Morgan Creek Entertainment Group is eager to make a couple of reboots of their well-known classics like Ace Ventura, Young Guns, and Major League, according to Deadline.

It seems that Jim Carrey is the only actor that comes to mind considering he is practically too original for someone to copy. Morgan Creek Entertainment Group have announced that they would “welcome Jim Carrey to reprise one of his signature roles as Ace Ventura”.


The idea of a “long-lost son or daughter” is still up for discussion. It would be a sort of a new-generation Pet Detective.

The president of Morgan Creek Entertainment Group told Deadline he had hopes of creating a ‘mainstream theatrical production re-launch’. He also emphasized that the movie would be fundamentally based on the original.

“Because it’s episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise.”


Morgan Creek Entertainment Group had previous success with producing a reboot for the iconic “The Exorcist” movie. They succeeded in turning the movie classic into a TV series. It seems like they are trying to copy that success with the other popular classics mentioned above.

Featured Image Credit: Morgan Creek Entertainment
Source: ladbible

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