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Acne Location Reveals Possible Underlying Health Issues


Acne, probably the most common puberty self-confidence squasher the world has ever seen. Only someone who has struggled with it will know the extent of the damage it can cause to a teenager, and we are not only talking skin damage.

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Acne vulgaris is a phenomenon that in most cases booms during teenage years and subsides as late as the early twenties. When acne persists deep in one’s third life decade there is a distinct possibility that it is signalling an underlying health problem. In such cases a visit to your physician and a thorough check-up is highly recommended.

Although most commonly associated with facial features, acne can appear on any body part. Read up to find out what health implications acne in a particular area might have.

1. The backside

If bumps regularly appear around your buttocks, this might mean you are wearing the wrong type of underwear. If your privates are not breathing properly, there is a high possibility that acne will appear at some point. Think about changing from yoga pants, cycling shorts or synthetic underwear to something less tight made out of natural material.

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2. The jaw

Acne on your jawline might mean that your adrenal gland may be working overtime. One of the most common adult acne spots, its appearance is usually down to hormonal imbalance: the adrenal gland produces dopamine, stress-reducing cortisol and adrenaline. Visit the spa regularly and schedule cosmetic treatments more often to reduce its effects.

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3. The back

You would be surprised how often clogging of pores is connected to our digestive system. Acne on your back might mean that your stomach is too passive and producing less hydrochloric acid than it should be. Apart from acne, this can cause hair loss, heartburn and intestinal discomfort.

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4. The chest

Cold showers are a good acne-battling weapon, but drinking cold beverages isn’t. Ice-cold drinks, especially first thing in the morning when the body is not up to speed yet, can cause too much blood to flow to the chest which usually results in a buildup of essential skin oils, leading to acne.

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5. The elbows

Dead skin cells in combination with oil coming out of the hair follicles creates a thick gel that clogs your pores. The elbows have numerous tiny folds that make them a common spot for dead skin: exfoliation of the elbows should be performed diligently and constantly to get rid of the acne.

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6. The stomach

This could be the result of excessive amounts of processed sugar in your diet. For the body to digest it, the pancreas releases insulin, which breaks down the sugar you consume. Androgen hormones are a by-product of high levels of insulin, which often results in lower-abdomen acne. Cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible and consult a nutritionist.

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7. The legs

If you frequently have leg rashes you might want to reconsider the choice of soap you are using. This also applies to the detergent that you wash your clothes with.  Certain soaps and detergents contain perfumes that might be the cause of irritation to your skin. You might want to switch over to hypoallergenic and unscented cleaning products – they might be a bit more pricey but after all, it is your health you are investing in.

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