Get Acquainted With Irish This Upcoming St. Patrick's Day

Get Acquainted With The Irish This Upcoming St. Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us people! Do you have your green clothes all neat and tidy? Who’s planning on loving the  Guinness today? Will you go around asking for smoochies?

Have we stopped for a moment, though, to think what do we actually know about Irish people? Because, these are some pretty interesting facts!

Check them out!

1. Height

The average height of Irish men is 5′ 8″ whereas women reach 5′ 5″ in height!


Just for reference, here is the tallest man in the world,  Robert Pershing Wadlow, who’s 8′ 11″.

2. Religion


Even though 90% of Irish nationals are Catholic, only 30% ever attend church.

3. UFO


Irish as a nation are reported to have the lowest rate of UFO sightings per year.

4. Affairs


70% of married Irish women and 90% of married Irish men would engage in affairs if they were to vacation outside of their countries, leaving their spouses and kids at home! Good for them.

5. Location


73% of American fail to find Ireland on a map. 100% of them will find their way to the nearest pub tomorrow.

8. Height, or lack of!


Raymond O’Brien is the shortest person in Irish history, being one foot and eleven inches tall.

9. Redheads


Contrary to popular belief, only 9% of Irish people are natural redheads.

10. Rain


It’s not always rainy in Ireland. May is their driest month in the year.

11. Talk Shows


Irish people have the longest running talk show in Europe. That is the “The Late Late Show” which had its debut in 1962.

12. Sight


57% of the people wear contacts.

13. Cats


Cats officially outnumbered dogs two to one in Ireland.

14. Pubs


There is one pub in existence for every 100th person. I am moving to Ireland.

15. Marriages


Marriages only last for 13 years in Ireland in average. That lucky number…

16. Music Charts


For you to top the charts, you song needs to sell only 5,000 copies.

17. Book Charts


And your book to sell 3,000 copies.

18. The Canary Islands


The most popular destination for retired Irish citizens. Can you blame them?

19. Rivers


The Irish can be proud to have the longest running river in Ireland and Britain, and that is the River Shannon, running 360 km.


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