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These Actors Didn’t Have To Fake It On Screen

Jim Carrey
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We imagine that it’s a dream come true to play a superhero in a blockbuster movie. Looking cool as hell, being idolized by millions, working alongside superstars and the best production crews in the business and so forth – but we imagine it’s probably quite hard work too.

Conveying the powers and personalities of such powerful individuals can’t be easy – unless, of course, the actors in question possess traits that are very similar to the characters they’re playing. In the world of superhero movies, that’s actually happened more often than you might think.

This is probably why the actors were chosen to take on the roles in the first place. That’s what this video is all about. Here are ten superhero actors who didn’t need to fake it on screen. Take a look below and enjoy!

Source:Screen Rant

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