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This Ad Puts Into Perspective What A Father Would Do To Boost His Kids’ Self-Confidence


In a family, the dad is not just the hand that provides financial support, he also has a tough mission of supporting his children, giving them what every child needs, and by that making sure that their mental health is as good as it should be. The video you’re about to see is definitely a showcase of the lengths that a father would go through to give his child what it wants.

The video features a young boy who is fascinated with Flamenco dancing. His dad walks into his room which ultimately leads to him shutting off the device, and he opens the box that his dad brought him, which turned out to be a judo uniform. At first, the boy is sad as that’s not what he wants, but soon, he does not regret starting with judo.

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He is bullied by the children from his neighborhood, and he’s not the best at judo at first, but as he continues to train, he gets better and better, and eventually his physical abilities as well has his confidence are through the roof.

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After some time of training judo, his dad walks in the room with another box. The boy opens it and finds Flamenco attire inside, and the happiness is very clear. He gives dad a big hug and leaves the house with a whole heap of confidence, simply giving the bullies a subtle nod as he walks past them wearing his new Flamenco attire, knowing that he can beat them should they attack.

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While all this video is is just an advertisement for a family insurance company, and it was released last year, it’s still viral. It has clocked up over 10 million views since being uploaded in the summer of 2016, and it’s easy to see why. It shows what lengths the father of a child will go through to keep their child healthy and keep their self confidence at an all time high, so I would like everyone to take a moment to be especially grateful that people like this exist in our time.

The video was nominated as #TheYouTubeAd for 2016 in the ‘Goes Straight To Your Heart’ category. Tracy Griswold, who played the father in the video, tweeted 10 months ago “We had a great time on this shoot. I play the dad. I am an actual new dad to a 16 month old baby boy in real life. He teaches me a great deal. Thank you for the love guys. I strive to be what my baby boy will need me to be. You can follow me on Twitter @teddycanez”

According to Kids Health, it’s important for parents to make their children feel as good as possible if they’re getting bullied, to let them know that they’re not alone and to emphasize and explain that it’s the bullies that are doing the bad things and not them.

Source:American Family Insurance

What do you think of this video? Do you know anyone who’s been bullied? Share your stories and opinions in the comments below!


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