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Karaoke Fans Won’t Be Allowed To Sing Adele, Katy Perry, And Abba Anymore


For the love of all things sacred, not karaoke! I met my husband on a karaoke night, we sang ABBA together. There aren’t many things that bring people together like a good old drunken Dancing Queen karaoke interpretation. They can’t take this away from us!

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but they can. No more Hello and Roar as well, because Adele, Katy Perry and ABBA are just a few of the performers whose songs karaoke fans will be forbidden to sing, as they will no longer be issuing new licenses for their music, as reported by the Daily Mirror.


You might have noticed that the ban already applies to online streaming services. It will also be extended to discs from January.


Jay Taylor, director of karaoke disc-maker Vocal-Star told the Mirror: “We can’t understand why they’re doing it, it makes no sense.” He is pretty sure that this will have some devastating effects on the industry.

It’s still pretty confusing and unclear why the musicians decided to do this. Rob Kempton, from Footprint Music, said it could be anything. Maybe the stars don’t want you to be singing their songs. But where is the logic in that, songs are made for that exact purpose. For music to bring people together, and for you to feel like Adele even just for one night. So what if you don’t have the same vocal abilities, that never stopped you. But this ban will.

Rob Kempton also said: “Artists might want to negotiate their own deal with karaoke companies, or it might be they don’t want songs overplayed and put people off. Maybe some just don’t like karaoke.”


In the meantime, Adele is going to pay tribute to the late George Michael singing an emotional version of his hit single Fast Love . The song will be featured in his soon to be released documentary Freedom.


Adele will sing the song during the opening credits of the documentary. George Michael was working on the documentary before he passed away last year at the age of 53.



The multiple Grammy Awards winner, will release her cover of the song as a single, in memory of George Michael.



Source: r1l.fm

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