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Adele’s Son Got Hit By Firework Debris In His Eyes


The talented English singer and songwriter Adele, had to stop her concert rehearsal recently in Perth’s Domain Stadium because his son had an unfortunate accident because of fireworks.


After the incident of course she had to cancel her firework show. Her four year old son, Angelo got hit with debris from it


She broke the news to the people that were going to the concert in Perth. “We’ve been rehearsing here and up until last night we had fireworks for you,” the 28 year old said.


The “Rolling In The Deep” star continued:”And obviously everyone likes a fireworks display. However, my son was watching in the crowd … there wasn’t much of a crowd, there was like five people”.


Thankfully Angelo is safe and sound now.  “A bit of debris — it wasn’t big — but a bit of s**t went in his eye and he was very upset, so I got rid of the fireworks,” said the singer.


Anyways, she wanted to keep it fair with the fans so she asked the crowd to vote to cancel or not the firework. The whole crowd voted yes for sure.

“Let’s get a cheer for fireworks if you want them,” she said to the crowd. “Let’s get a ‘boo’ if you don’t want s–t in your eyes. Alright, we’ll do it next time,” Adele said.


The British singer has her son with her husband Simon Konecki who is 42. She loves Angelo to death and is planning to get pregnant again after he tour. Previously she opened up about her relationship with his son during an Interview for Vogue saying: “When I became a parent, I felt like I was truly living. I had a purpose, where before I didn’t.”

Adelle rules, actually. And get better soon, Angelo!

Source: Hollywood Life

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