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He Adopted A Puppy, It Grew Up Into A Wolf


Just how many times did you daydream of the idea of you in the wild, or not necessarily in the wild, but with an ACTUAL WOLF next to you? No, not one who wants to eat you. The one who obeys orders and loves you deeply, because you’re cool like that?

We usually imagine ourselves after every movie with indigenous people who live well with nature.

Now, have you ever thought about having a huge dog (or a wolf, okay), but you could only take care of a regular-sized one?

What if it grew up to be a wolf?

This happened to this man in Arizona, who learned that his lovely pet Neo is a wolf, after he exhibited stereotypical wolf behavior.

Source:ABC / giphy.com

At one point, the neighbors were so over Neo’s shenanigans, he decided to take him to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, who informed them that the dog was obviously a wolf. Maureen O’Nell, from the shelter told The Dodo, “I approached the couple and asked, ‘You know that isn’t a dog, right?’” to which they responded, “We were wondering”,

The state laws forbid the owner to keep Neo, so he now lives in a sanctuary called Wolf Connection.

And he’s gorgeous:

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