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Check Out These Tiny Adorable Clay Animals!


Designing cool pieces of art definitely takes some skill and knowledge, but designing sculptures and then drawing on them? Well, that’s a whole other story. It takes some very steady hands to draw tiny drawings on equally as tiny items, and Melissa McCarthy (not the actress) of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, definitely seems to have the skill, patience and steady hands to draw and sculpt tiny pieces of art.

She majors in tiny clay animals, and they are just the cutest things ever!

I mean, check out this chubby kitty!

Check Out These Tiny Adorable Clay Animals! 1

Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

And this tiny ducky

Оn her Etsy profile, she says that working with clay calms her.

Check Out These Tiny Adorable Clay Animals! 2

A bunny

All the sculptures are very easy, and the resemblance to the animal is instantly recognizable.


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

Little beaver


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

A cute squirrel


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

Hey, who said that skunks can’t be cute too?

This one won’t smell as bad, for one thing.


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

Itty bitty elephant that comes in at half an inch long


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove

A panda with a velvety matte finish and a larger scale than the others

Still cool, though.


Source: Etsy | MadeWithClayAndLove
h/t Etsy / MadeWithClayAndLove

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