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Adults Were Given These Gifts By Young Children And It’s Hilarious


Buying gifts at the store is common, but you simply can’t put a price on a heartfelt gift made by hand by a child. And in some cases, these adorable gifts will be given to adults by these children, and you can’t help but say “Awww”.

Here are some innocent gifts that kids gave to adults that made them laugh, but not in a mocking sort of way.

1. A 4-year-old girl gave this waiter an eyepatch as a tip


Adults Were Given These Gifts By Young Children And It's Hilarious 1


2. That’s one way of putting it…

Adults Were Given These Gifts By Young Children And It's Hilarious 2

Source: ItsIronyBitch

3. An end of term present from a child

I’m sure none of that was intentional, but it’s still hilarious.


Source: TheBritishAreComing

4. I want to be called the best babe sitr in the wrde

That’s an amazing achievement.


Source: belles23

5. This daughter wanted daddy to win a few pennies at the casino

Needless to say, she spelled pennies wrong.


6. Breakfast for Father’s Day

As if stepping on LEGOs wasn’t bad enough, now we have to eat them?


Source: CaptainFiddler

7. You might have seen this before

This is apparently a birthday card.



8. A gift this man gave to his mom when he was 8

It’s very cute but that aluminum foil won’t provide that much to reflect on.


Source: Miichaelstevens

9. This middle school student mistook a thong for a rose

Who’s more mad? The teacher or the person he stole the thong from?


Source: MrWrigleyField

10. Tasteless or thoughtful?



11. That’s cute, but…

There’s a pad on it, and nothing about pads or what they do is cute, now is it?


Source: Dempster2000

12. A brown E

Mistaken for a brownie. Understandable, I guess.


Source: eveewing

13. Stating the obvious

I like the little portrait that he put on there.


Source: Fakediertybyrd

14. An 8-year-old’s version of a Christmas stocking

He stuffed a plastic bag with this stuff. That’s one 8-year-old I wouldn’t mind hanging out with.

Just wondering though, how did he get a hold of that beer? Or the money?



15. A nice Mother’s Day gift

Snails! I wouldn’t give this to my mom even if I hated her…


Source: demandamanda

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