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21 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Having Small Boobs


If there’s anything we can distinguish women by clearly, it’s boobs. However, not all breasts are equal size. Some women were lucky enough to be born with quite a large pair, while others have smaller sized. No matter what size the rack may be, all sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Since we already told you about the disadvantages of having big boobs, let’s completely contrast and talk about 21 advantages and disadvantages that people with small boobs have.

1. Wearing a strapless dress

You can wear one of these without worrying about having to hoist it up all the time.

21 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Having Small Boobs 1

2. Goodbye dreaded bra cup gap

21 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Having Small Boobs 2

3. Skin tight shirts

You can’t wear these if you’re bloated because your stomach will stick out as much as your boobs.


4. You can lie down without your rack disappearing


5. A bikini top with padding

You can rely on one of these to quickly dry out after a swim.


6. You can’t really find a bikini that fits well top and bottom, though…


7. Braless in certain t-shirts looks fine


8. You can wear low-cut shirts without flashing your bra


9. You can’t wear chicken cutlets

At least not without them readjusting in weird positions…


10. A sports bra makes your boobs look even flatter


11. You can’t catch food that falls in your shirt

Because it won’t get caught by your boobs and will instead fall straight through to your stomach.


12. You can’t store your phone in your bra either

Because it will fall in your lap.


13. Bending down in a loose top

This will cause everyone to see down your shirt.


14. Dress cuts

You can’t buy certain dress cuts because they’re always loose on the top.


15. You can wear a strapless bra without sliding it down to your waist


16. You can make it through the day without your bra riding over your boobs


17. There’s no hiding from the truth after your padded bra comes off…


18. You can contour them to make them look bigger


19. The tissue won’t get sweaty


20. Working out means that your boobs will be the first to go


21. Society won’t go without telling you that big boobs are sexy



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