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Virgin Airline Reveals How Crew Rests On Long-Haul Flights


Getting on a plane when your flight is long is not the easiest thing in the world, especially for flight attendants. These long flights can be an exhausting and taxing journey for passengers, but the cabin crew has the hardest job because they need to stay professional, polite, and calm no matter what happens on the plane. Have you ever wondered in which conditions they rest and sleep on long flights?

Virgin Australia has recently released photographs showing where pilots and flight attendants sleep on international flights. Some people are amazed, some are disgusted, but it is just the basic reality.


Thus, pilots and flight attendants rest on the makeshift beds which are above the cabins on the aircraft.

Here you can take a peek at their sleeping quarters.


So, the flights from Australia to the US, for instance, are extra long, and these people need to rest. Virgin Airlines took the photos on board at the Boeing 777-300ER, at the secret level above the business and economy class cabins.

These pictures reveal the part of the plane we never get to see, so it is a kind of a secret revelation. The airline says: ‘Given flights can be up to 15 hours in duration, it’s important for our flight and cabin crew to rest during the flight to be at their best when operating the aircraft and serving our guests,’
‘To achieve this, our crew will retire to two designated crew rest areas in shifts during the flight in order to rest for around four hours on a flight like Sydney to Los Angeles.’


The small beds are kept in small compartments, right above economy and business class.


Here are some of the employees, enjoying their jobs.


Long shifts

Additionally, pilots can sleep in one of two beds located on either side of the plane. The cabin crew, on the other hand, can sleep in the rest area, which has eight single beds with sheets. They also have blankets and comfortable pillows. Interestingly, the beds are around 6ft in length. Flight attendants and pilots can stretch out during their grueling 15-hour shifts and can enjoy just like passengers. The crew are also allowed to change into pyjamas to get some rest and will set an alarm to ensure they’re back on deck at the right time. Virgin Australia crew also hang their uniform outside the bunk to let crew know who sleeps where.



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