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These People Have Been Caught Trying To Smuggle The Most Insane Things Through Airport Security


Going through security at the airport is a nightmare for most. Even if you’ve got nothing more than a bag full of clothing and book, it’s an annoying and stressful process that is dreaded by all.

Now just imagine the anxiety someone faces when they actually try to smuggle something forbidden past the airport security.

It’s totally normal to try and smuggle dead snakes, 200 tarantulas, a tiger cub, 51 tropical fish or a “Wheel of Pain”, right?


This video, posted by YouTuber TheRichest, has already received over twenty million views.

The poster wrote, “For any of us that have flown in an airplane, we know that air travel is one of the biggest headaches known to man. In addition to the extraordinarily high ticket prices, most of us also have to pay a luggage fee, along with convenient upgrades, plus the overpriced airport food. And if you want to check a bag, you’re confined to numerous rules and restrictions to what you can and can’t bring. Of course, with all of the recent terrorist attacks and September 11th, many are skittish about the intentions of other passengers, so the Transportation Security Administration was created in 2001 in order to help secure the airways and ports in the United States. But despite the presence of the TSA, people will still try to smuggle in odd things that are not limited to, but including drugs, animals, bugs, plants, and more.”

“For example, a woman was stopped in an airport in Melbourne when it was noticed that she was making strange and watery noises. Security then gave her a more detailed pat down and discovered that she had over 51 different kinds of exotic and tropical fish under her clothes in 15 little bags, stored in pockets. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, a total of eighteen severed heads were discovered in a shipment at O’Hare in Chicago, which of course made the media go crazy with the headlines. It was later discovered that the heads were in the process of a legitimate shipment between medical facilities in Rome and Chicago. Talk about people losing their head over something that ended up being legitimate!”

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